Mary Lou Whitehorne
Landscapes. Mostly Canada, eh!
18 Jul 2018 - 31 Dec 2019 Permanent Installation, Medical Day Unit, Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, NS Category: Other Reception: 18 Jul 2018

Another Chapter Concludes

Today I completed a project begun five months ago, shortly after Lloyd’s death. I wanted to find a way to acknowledge the remarkable compassionate care that Lloyd received from the Haematology Department and the Medical Day Unit at the Victoria General Hospital, during the seven years of his illness. I approached the QEII Foundation with a proposal, which was welcomed.

Today I watched as four of my paintings were installed permanently in the waiting room shared between the Haematology Department and the Medical Day Unit. There was instant, and very positive, feedback from the patients in the waiting room today, as well as nursing staff and QEII Foundation personnel. A small plaque with an artist’s statement was posted with the paintings.

I believe Lloyd would have been pleased. He possessed a generous spirit, and was appreciative of everything that everybody did for him through the course of his illness.

He and I spent a great deal of time in this waiting room. Over the years, we built relationships with many members of the nursing staff, especially in the MDU. Those nurses work exceptionally hard, and have a lot of interesting, valuable, and memorable things to say! They are champions. Their generosity of spirit and depth of compassion are truly remarkable.

It is my hope that this gift of original artworks will enliven the walls of the room. Nature is inspiring and uplifting to me. If these paintings provide some pleasure, or distraction, or a place to rest the eyes while thinking, then my goal has been achieved.