Mary Lou Whitehorne
Landscapes. Mostly Canada, eh!


Fantastic show of so many beautyful paintings. You have done a great job of presenting them on your web sight. Congratulations.
joan meloni - 31 Jul 2019
Wow! I love your website, Marylou! I've viewed your work before but I was amazed at your fabulous collection, especially your whimsical works!
Ginger Allen - 4 Jun 2017
Just discovered your website! How bountiful are your works all together in a collection. I have witnessed the creation of many of these amazing images. Your love of nature resonates through the vivid colours and powerful compositions. You truly make the mountains sing!
Janet Warnes-Morris - 2 Jun 2017
You know l am an admirer of your work, especially all those majestic mountain paintings. You just keep on doing exactly what you're doing.
Marilyn Hatfield - 8 Aug 2016
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