Mary Lou Whitehorne
"Art is the successful communication of a valuable experience." — J. E. H. MacDonald, 1929

Pricing & Shipping Information

2018 prices (Canadian dollars):




Watercolour Paintings

Full sheet (22" x 30") unframed $400 plus shipping

Half sheet (15" x 22") unframed $300 plus shipping

Quarter sheet (11" x 15") unframed $200 plus shipping

Miniatures (under 8" x 10") unframed $25 to $50, depending on size, plus shipping


Acrylic Paintings

Prices range from $200 for a 16” X 14” canvas, to $1000+ depending on the size of the work. Acrylics on gallery canvas do not require framing. Acrylics on board or non-gallery canvas may require framing.


Non-standard sizes and framed pieces are individually priced. Most standard size & format frames cost from $100 to $150. Because watercolours should be framed under glass, it is best to purchase and ship them unframed. Purchaser can then frame locally with the frame of their choice.


Please contact me for more details and for shipping costs.