Mary Lou Whitehorne
"Art is the successful communication of a valuable experience." — J. E. H. MacDonald, 1929

Mary Lou Whitehorne, FRASC



Whitehorne loves getting into wild places. Then she paints them.

Whitehorne uses colour, form and perspective to immerse the viewer in some of Canada's most iconic landscapes, thus sharing the enegy and inspiration of Canada's great outdoors.

She is uplifted by mountains, revels in hiking, swimming and paddling, and is inspired by the power and subtlety of nature with its endless variety. Earth’s many and magnificent landscapes, bathed in an ever-changing palette of weather, light and colour, provide infinite subjects of study.

Her works capture scenes from her native Nova Scotia, from places she has travelled, and occasionally whimsical pieces that materialize from nowhere. In recent years she has focused on portraying the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Whitehorne has exhibited her work at the Craig Gallery, Art 1247 Hollis, Halifax Public Libraries, Mic Mac Mall, DASC boardroom gallery, Parkland's Kinross Hall, and at A Body in Balance gallery. Her paintings have found their way into private collections, from coast to coast, across Canada and beyond.

Working in both watercolours and acrylics, Whitehorne is a mostly self-taught artist. She has taken drawing and painting courses at NSCAD, participated in workshops with well-known Nova Scotia artists, and has studyied under Master Painter, Mike Svob, of BC. She enjoys and learns from working with other artists, and has been painting seriously for about two decades. Whitehorne is a retired Astronomy, Earth & Space Science educator, author, and curriculum developer.

Asteroid 144907 has been named "Whitehorne" in her honour.